February 17, 2024

SEO Writing AI Review: Number 1 Affordable AI Writer?


If you're on a budget and thinking about using an AI content to scale your content, you need to look closer at SEO Writing AI.

I've been using it for a while to scale my content for different blogs. In this SEO Writing AI Review, I'll demonstrate how price doesn't necessarily mean quality.

Key Takeaways

  • SEO Writing AI is one of the best budget friendly AI content writing tools.
  • Articles are well optimized for search and includes a writing dashboard like Surfer to further optimize.
  • The images SEO Writing generates are absolutely amazing.
  • Full control of SEO and includes current facts to keep the content fresh.
  • SEO Writing offers 1-click, bulk generation, how to posts, product reviews and roundup templates.

What is SEO Writing AI?

SEO Writing AI is an AI writer that creates longform content for article writers, bloggers and entrepreneurs. Not only does SEO Writing write great articles, but it also writes well-structured and optimized content.

These articles can be mass produced with the bulk article mode or taken a step further and optimized with SEO optimized mode.

This little AI writer packs a powerful understanding of SEO that will help your article rank higher with the search engines. Articles are written with the searcher's intent and engagement in mind.

Articles stand out with its beautiful images. You will be surprised how fast you can speed up your content production. Not only fast but absolutely great content.

Best Affordable Writer
Starting at $12 per month

SEO Writing AI is an AI-powered writing tool designed to produce SEO-optimized articles, blog posts, and affiliate content with just one click. It supports content creation in 48 languages, offers features like auto-posting to WordPress, and includes AI-generated images, streamlining content production for marketers and bloggers.

  • Best budget friendly AI Writer
  • Articles are written optimized for SEO!
  • Article images are incredible.
  • Product and roundup review articles
  • Doesn't bypass AI detection
  • Can't train to brand's voice
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

SEO Writing AI's Benefits-

Any blogger looking to scale their content would certainly benefit using SEO Writing. I use it all the time for rough drafts. Although the benefits of using it are abundant, it's still AI.

AI written content should always be fact checked and humanized with your personal perspective. There are plenty of online businesses that just mass publish content and hope for the best.

It's not what I would do! Which way you decide is up to you. Next, we'll look at the individual benefits of using this AI writer.

AI Writing Tool

SEO Writing AI's blog posts are optimized for search engines and are engaging for readers. You have the choice of letting the AI have full control or coaching the output.

The articles generated include optimized headers, key takeaways, optimized content from the NLP's or natural language processing terms and images that are really good.

If you're a beginner, you'll appreciate the user-friendly interface. The user experience is really good, and they offer free training for different article styles.

Templates included are:

  • Original blog post
  • How-to blog posts
  • Product review post
  • Product round-up post
  • Typical AI rewriter

AI Writing Modes-

  • 1-click blog post generation
  • Step by step blog post (full control)
  • Bulk mode- Crazy fast processing

SEO Optimized Articles-

If you're blogging, you are most likely constantly thinking about search engine optimization. With SEO Writing AI, you can relax to a point.

It's AI engine looks at search intent and the current content on the SERP's to align the content with the norm. It will also recommend and populate key terms or NLPs that should be in the article.

If you have a Surfer or Neuron Writer, you can copy and paste the terms in the writer prompt to optimize further.

If that's not enough, SEO writing AI has its own article optimizer that allows you to edit the article. It has a SEO score indicator so you can see the optimization in progress in real time. It also has actionable items to address.

With this SEO Writing AI review, I wanted to show how this writer compares to other writers when pasted into Surfer SEO. Here is a screenshot of a test article written by SEO Writer in Surfer:

SEO Writing AI has its own article optimizer

SEO Writer came in 5 points behind Agility. Keep in mind that the test article didn't have NLPs or keywords added. This number could have been higher.

Either way, its a damn good starting point.

In the single post mode, you have full control over the direction of the article. You can choose between several options. Some of the optimized benefits include:

  • Styling with bolded key terms to catch the attention of scanners
  • Key takeaways to answer the questions searchers are looking for
  • Authority links for helpful content and resources for your readers

1-Click Blog Post Writer-

SEO Writing offers 1-click blog post generation.

All you do is enter a keyword, answer a few questions and the AI will crank out an optimized article with the proper search intent. You could always use these as is and optimize if Google starts showing it some love.

These are also great for first drafts to break the writer's block that we all suffer from occasionally.

Product Review Article-

Currently SEO Writing offers a product review template that will write a well optimized review of any product on Amazon. If you're an Amazon affiliate, this could be an excellent option for a first draft.

I never recommend having AI write product reviews because I feel it lacks authenticity and is misleading. Just like this SEO Writing AI review, I write all my reviews after I've worked with the software for a while.

I do think this is a great rough draft to use as long as you have used the products and put your personal experience into the article.

The team at SEO Writing is working on a product review of non-Amazon products and product roundup templates.

Product Roundup Posts-

SEO Writing will create roundup posts of Amazon products. People love these articles and so does Google. If you're an Amazon product reviewer, this could drive some sales.

Like the product review template, I would only use it for a rough draft only after I'd tried the products or other user's input.

SEO Writing Pricing-

As of the time of this SEO Writing AI review, the pricing for it is extremely affordable. The smaller monthly package, which would be perfect for a single blogger starts at $19 per month.

SEO Writing AI Pricing

You can save even more by purchasing the annual subscription, which lowers it to $12 per month. The lower package gives you 50 articles and 100,000 words.

That's just $.24 per article. Compare that to a cheap writer from Fiverr for $10 - $200 per article.

You may be saying to yourself, that's only 2,00 words per article. SEO Writer AI has an option to use an API key from Open AI's ChatGPT.

Using the API key, I've only ever spent around $4.50 in a month. I generally use all the words with the monthly package and then only use the API once I run out of words.

SEO Writing is cheaper than Agility Writer and Autoblogging.ai

Who Would Benefit Best From Using SEO Writing AI?

  • Bloggers- Bloggers can use this to scale their optimized content fast.
  • Freelancers- Freelancers can take on more jobs due to efficiency.
  • Agencies- Agencies can improve their clients' content output.
  • Small business owners- can start keeping up with larger competitors without added costs.

How Does SEO Writing Ai Compare to Other AI Writers?

In this SEO Writing AI review, I want to show you how this AI tool holds its own against some of the top AI writers. Two things really stand out for me when it comes to SEO writing AI:

  1. SEO is such an affordable AI writer, that it's perfect for beginners on a budget.
  2. The team at SEO Writing is constantly sending emails on new features and updates. Their attention to trends and customer needs sets them apart from the competition.

They listen to their customer base and that says a lot in today's world.

There is a long list of updates, feature requests from subscribers and current updates in progress. This commitment to improve will keep them around for a long time.

SEO Writing performs really well. The articles are on point with other AI writing tools.


  • More accurate than Agility Writer and Autoblogging.ai
  • Best budget friendly option. Cheaper than Agility and Autoblogging.ai
  • Images are absolutely stunning in quality compared to the other writers
  • Extremely fast bulk content generation
  • Constant updates per customer requests compared to some writers


  • Lacks AI detection bypass ability like Agility Writer AI
  • Introductions and conclusions are long winded at times
  • Readability of generated articles might be hard for average readers
Best For Full Control
$25 per month
$19 per month
Up to 40
Best For Full Control
$19 per month

How Is the Quality of Content Produced by SEO Writing AI?

The screen shots that you see throughout this SEO Writing AI review are of our example article on the keyword "hummingbirds."

I first ran the article through the Hemingway App to check the readability score. The readability score rated it at a 13th grade level. That is way higher than Agility Writer AI's 7th grade level. Agility wins this one.

SEO Writing AI Test Article in the Hemingway APP

Next, I ran the article through Grammarly to check for correctness.

When I ran this article through Grammarly, we got a score of 94 out of a possible 100. The number of errors was at 153. Compared to Agility Writer AI's overall score of 84 with 200 errors, SEO Writing was definitely more accurate.

Grammarly Score for SEO Writing AI Review

How To Use SEO Writing AI-

Feel free to download or view the below article that was produced by SEO Writing.

The first step is to enter your keyword and click Generate a Title button. This will generate a catchy title for your article.

Enter your keyword into SEO Writing AI to generate a title

After generating a title, SEO Writing gives you the options to choose the language, article size, tone of voice and point of view. You also get the option to choose which ChatGPT model you want used.

The different models cost different in terms of words. I generally use the GPT 4 Turbo which costs 7x more words than a blend of GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 Turbo.

SEO Writing also allows for targeting of different countries. This could be great if you have foreign clients that are trying to rank.

Choose your basic article options

The next section allows for entering important topics or concepts that you want covered. It also has a section for adding up to 150 NLP keywords or having the AI writer populate some.

For the SEO Writing AI review's test article, I left it blank so it would be a fair comparison against other writers like Agility, Rytr or Autoblogging.ai

You can choose the number of images and types you want along with the format size of the images.

You can also have SEO Writing insert videos off of YouTube for a more engaging article.

Choose if you want videos and images

You have several options for setting up the structure of your article. You can choose:

  • To have a conclusion or not
  • Include relevant tables or not
  • Use H3's
  • Include lists in the article
  • The use of italics
  • Use of quotes
  • Provide Key Takeaways
  • Include FAQs
  • Use bold on key terms
Choose your formatting for your AI article.

You have the option to connect it to the web to get relevant information. You can choose between news sites and top relevant sites or past in urls that you want to reference.

At the end of the AI written post, it will produce a sources section with all of the links. Its always important to reference sited works to give credit. One tip is to be careful not to link out to your competitors.

Check if you want to use real-time data

The outline builder can be produced manually or you can have the AI build you the perfect outline. You can remove and rearrange headers to suit your needs and article length.

Below is a screen shot of our "hummingbird" article that we've been looking at in this SEO Writing AI review.

Enter your outline or let SEO Writing develop one.

The last step is to determine if you want to publish to your WordPress site. SEO Writing has a plugin that allows for auto posting.

You can submit it with categories populated from your connected site and choose to post as published, pending or draft.

If you have an Open AI account, you can choose to connect that account with an API key to add more words and images.

Choose whether to publish to WordPress and whether to use Open AI's API key

Once the article is written, you have the option of using the content editor to further optimize. The editor will have the NLPs and will score the content based on the inclusion of key terms.

For the test article in this SEO Writing AI review, we didn't use NLPs, so the output just has the main keyword and judges it by SEO best practices.

You could still grab a list of keywords from another source to paste in and optimize.

SEO Writing AI article editor and optimizer

Once you're happy with the article, you can download it or publish it. It seems like a lot but it's actually really fast once you get the hang of it.

Final Thoughts on This SEO Writing AI Review?

As you can see, SEO Writing AI is an excellent AI writer for a blogger or small business looking to complement their current content.

Not only is super affordable but produces really good content that is optimized and engaging. I hope this SEO Writing AI review has given you some insights into this amazing writer.

If you're on a budget, this is truly a great deal. You can start your free trial with SEO Writing and see if it's right for you.

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