November 14, 2023

Top 10 AI Content Detectors Tested- Do they actually work?


Part of your AI content analysis process should include checking your content for AI generation. In this post, we’ll look at the top 10 AI content detectors to see if they actually work.

More importantly, we’ll look at their cost (some are free) and determine if they are worth the investment.

We’ll also test the AI detectors to see if we can bypass them with tools and prompts.

Keep reading to save your money.

  • Originality AI, Winston and GPTZero are the best AI content detectors we've tested.
  • GPTZero is the most affordable option to detect AI-generated content.
  • Winston AI has the coolest features of the AI detectors we've tested.
  • Writer has the most features to implement AI into work processes.
  • Copyleaks is the best enterprise option for large needs.

What is an AI content detector?

AI content detectors are software designed to detect whether content is created by an artificial intelligence. The content can be files, text, images, videos and even handwritten documents.

"How do AI content detectors work?"

These AI content checkers are crucial in maintaining accountability, authenticity and reliability. They're also increasingly important for ethical reasons.

In academia these are important to check for plagiarism and ensure original work. Let's face it, would you want a doctor treating you that wrote their dissertation with AI? I didn't think so.

For us SEO nuts, it's important to maintain credibility with your audience. Creating content with authenticity will ensure you have web cred.

Not to mention, Google's take on AI-generated content could always change and they could slap us off the internet.

As important as these are, they're just as flawed as AI.

How we tested these AI content detectors-

So, we started off testing each detector with the following Chat GPT 4 generated content to establish a baseline.

As you'll see, we had to also use Chat GPT 3.5 due to certain detectors not identifying Chat GPT 4 generated content.

Here is the content generated by AI:

ChatGPT 4 Standard Output

After establishing the baseline, we used a Chat GPT 4 prompt to rewrite the same content to sound more human.

It's a prompt that we've had really good success with. As it works now, it may not in the future due to the constant improvements to these detectors.

Here is the prompt version of the content:

ChatGPT 4 Go To Prompt Output

For our rankings, we looked at accuracy, price and features available. In the end, without the accuracy, who is to say the other features actually work?

The best AI content detectors ranked-

Here is our list of the most common AI content detection software that we've tested so far.

1. Originality AI

Our Pick
Originality AI

Overall Originality AI is an excellent choice for AI content detection. It has quality features like plagiarism, fact checking and works in 15 different languages.

The readability score is another bonus to ensure user experience is at its best. Your audience will appreciate it and so will the search engines.

  • 99% AI content detection
  • Fact checking
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Readability Score
  • 15 different languages
  • Package may be small for some users.
  • Limited number of words on fact checker.
Try Originality Our Review
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Let's dive into what is all about. Picture this: you're a web publisher and neck-deep in content. How do you ensure its legit, original, and not just churned out by some AI? That's where steps in.

Here's the breakdown: you get an AI content detector that's super advanced. But it doesn't stop there. You also have an AI plagiarism checker, a fact checker, and a readability checker.

It's all about giving you peace of mind that your content is the real deal – written by humans, factually on point, and plagiarism-free. is like your guard against Google penalties. It helps you ensure your site's content is original and factual, which is crucial for staying ahead of any AI-related updates from Google.

Features include.

  • AI, plagiarism, readability, and fact check scans.
  • Full website and URL scans.
  • Upload files.
  • API access.

They claim to have a 99% accuracy of identifying AI content.

Originality's Test Results-

We ran the beginning of this article which is 100% written by me, into Originality AI. Originality accurately scored it 100% human written content. vs Human

Originality scored the ChatGPT 4 content 100% AI. If you've never tried Originality, you can hover over the highlighted text, and it will give you a confidence score.

Chat GPT-4 100% AI

As good as I like Originality, it still failed to deliver. It scored our go to prompt 98% likely human and 2% likely generated by AI.

Originality vs Go to prompt

Originality's Pricing

Originality has two plans. Their pay as you go plan is $30 for 3000 credits which comes out to 300,000 words. The other plan is a subscription for $14.95 per month which is what I roll with that gives you 200,000 words per month, the plagiarism, readability score, and fact checker.

How to Make AI Undetectable – 7 Expert Tips

2. Winston AI

Winston AI is well known as an AI Content detector. Winston shines with its ability to perform AI content detection on scanned documents, pictures and handwriting. They claim to have a 99.6% accuracy of detecting AI-generated content.

Another great feature is the plagiarism checker. This can help your content in Google's eyes by ensuring it is truly unique content.

Along with your content being unique, it should also be readable. Winston's readability score can help you ensure that your content is audience appropriate.

Winston is a great option for writers, bloggers, educators and publishers. For agencies and freelancers, the option to export reports in PDF is a bonus.

They offer a Chrome extension so that you can use it across the web.

Winston's Test Results-

Winston had no problem identifying Chat GPT 4 generated content.

Winston ChatGPT prompt detection test

Unfortunately, when it came to my go to prompt to create human like content with Open AI's ChatGPT 4, Winston's probability of being human was predicted at 99%. Obviously, this content is 100% AI generated.

Winston AI Detection

Another interesting find was that Winston scored the human prompt readability score higher than the typical GPT4 output. The score increased from 11% to 73%.

Winston AI Pricing-

Winston's pricing is a little higher than Originality at $12/month for 80,000 words and $19/month for 200,000 words. More expensive, but you can check images and handwriting along with scanning documents.

3. Copyleaks

Let's talk about Copyleaks AI Content Detector. This tool is top-notch when it comes to telling apart stuff written by people like you and me and what AI whips up.

We're talking about a jaw-dropping self-proclaimed 99.1% accuracy rate here. It's one of the best tools to determine if the text comes from AI models like GPT-4 or Bard.

Here's the cool part: it's not just about texts and essays. This platform can sniff out AI-generated code from places like GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT. Plus, it's a polyglot – handling 30 languages and counting.

And it's not just about spotting AI's handiwork; it can tell if something's been copied or just cleverly rephrased.

Copyleaks test results-

Copyleaks was able to detect content generated by ChatGPT 3.5 with ease as can be seen from the following image of our test result.

Copy Leaks Vs ChatGPT 3.5

When it came to checking for AI content generated by ChatGPT 4, once again this content detector struggled to identify it as AI.

Copy Leaks AI AI Detection GPT4

We still tested it against our go to prompt and sadly it failed to identify it as content generated by AI.

Copy Leaks AI ChatGPT prompt test

We would have to fully test it out on multiple techniques that in my opinion just aren't justified. It will be interesting to track updates of Copyleaks to see how future versions compare.

Copyleaks pricing-

Copyleaks prices as of writing start around $8.33 per month for AI detection, $9.17 per month for plagiarism detection and $14.17 per month for them combined.

The entry level package comes with 1200 credits which equates to 300,000 words per month. Their highest package has 120,000 credits, or 30 million words.

4. Content at Scale

Content at Scale prides itself on being able to create AI written content that sounds human and passes all of the big AI detection tools.

They even provide a content detector on their website to check your content for free, sort of. It's free until prompted to subscribe.

Their subscription is for AI generated content. Along with the content, you can use their detector. Subscriptions start at $150 per month. 😔

We tested to see if it was worth the cost.

Content at Scale test results-

Content at Scale had no problem identifying the content ChatGPT 4 gave us. It identified it as created by artificial intelligence.

Content At Scale AI Detector

Once again, our ChatGPT 4 prompt smoked Content at Scale's AI content detector. One cool thing you'll notice is it marks up the on a scale color for likely generated by AI, human, a mix of both and undetermined.

Content At Scale AI ChatGPT prompt detection test

Content at Scale pricing-

Content at scale has a free AI detector on their website, however it's limited to 2500 characters. If you continue to use their detector, you'll be prompted to purchase a subscription.

Content at Scale pricing starts at $150 per month for 4 posts, $250 for 8 posts and higher plans. This is just plain too expensive for small startups or solo bloggers.

I did try their $250 package for a month and truthfully you could crank out the same amount of content with the same amount of work for around $3.04.

5. Undetectable AI

I admit, I bought a subscription to Undectable AI before I started seriously testing ChatGPT prompts. They are pretty good at humanizing AI generated content to bypass AI detection. Not always does their rewrites work.

Their software has the ability to choose from different readability and purpose tones to create a piece that matches your intent.

Their AI checker is questionable. They have a row of the common detectors below that shows whether your content passes.

Interestingly, they showed Copyleaks failing the ChatGPT 4 content. As previously shown, Copyleaks didn't detect it.

Undetectable AI test results-

Undetectable gave our ChatGPT 4 content a pass as human rating.

Undetectable AI Detector

Of course, our GPT 4 prompt passed Undetectable AI's AI content detector.

Undetectable AI ChatGPT prompt detection test

Undetectable AI pricing-

Undetectable AI's content detector is free to use.

If you want to use their software to transform your AI content so it bypasses AI content detectors, their pricing starts at $9.99 per month for 10,000 words.

They have subscription plans all the way up to 380,000 words for $209. As of this writing, they're having a Black Friday sale of 50% off.

6. Sapling AI

Sapling AI is known for their customer support products that help customer service teams respond quicker.

They cover quicker response applications for greater customer satisfaction, grammar, and AI detection.

Sapling AI also offers an Ai content detector Chrome extension to see if your competitors are using AI. Its pretty cool.

Sapling AI test results-

Sapling AI's AI content detector was surprisingly accurate. We ran this article into it, and Sapling AI accurately scored it as human.

Sapling AI vs this article

The standard output from ChatGPT 4 was accurately flagged by Sapling AI as 100% AI.

Sapling AI and ChatGPT 4 standard prompt

And when we used our go to AI detector evasion prompt... Sapling sniffed it out as 100% AI.

Sapling AI vs ChatGPT 4 humanized prompt

Sapling AI pricing-

Sapling AI pricing is free for AI detection and a 1-month trial of the pro plan. The pro plan is $25 per month.

7. Crossplag AI

Crossplag is one of the costliest AI content detectors that we tested. They provide services to individuals and institutions.

Their big claim is to offer plagiarism detection with a data set of 100 billion texts. You have to purchase credits to use the content detector, however credits are not used for AI content detection.

Only for plagiarism checks.

Crossplag test results-

Crossplag AI had no problem identifying ChatGPT 3.5 content. It came back with a "This text is mainly written by AI," and the temperature score was 100%.

Crossplag vs ChatGPT 3.5

Next, we tested it against the standard ChatGPT 4 response and it failed to identify it as written by artificial intelligence.

CrossPlag AI vs GPT 4

Once again, the ChatGPT 4 human prompt bypassed Crossplag's AI detection test.

Crossplag vs ChatGPT 4 human prompt

Crossplag pricing-

Crossplag individual plans start out around $10.89 for 5,000 words. $164.19 for 100,000 words. It's a credit based plan. Credits are used when plagiarism checks are done.

I'm honestly not sure what their institutional package would run, but the individual plan is out of my price range. I'm not convinced it would be worth the investment.

As for plagiarism checks, we use Copyscape.

8. ZeroGPT

ZeroGPT offers an AI content detector, plagiarism, grammar and spelling checker. They have free plans and paid plans.

Their Chatbot is supposedly accurate and extremely humanlike. Paraphrasers, AI summarizers and the ability to batch files make this an interesting find.

ZeroGPT test results-

We ran the beginning of this article into ZeroGPT's AI content detector and wasn't surprised that it accurately predicted it as human written.

Zerogpt vs this article

ChatGPT 3.5 was too difficult for ZeroGPT to identify the AI-generated content.

ZeroGPT vs ChatGPT standard prompt

When tested against the humanized prompt from ChatGPT 4, ZeroGPT failed to identify the content as AI written.

ZeroGPT vs ChatGPT 4 humanized prompt

ZeroGPT pricing-

ZeroGPT's pricing is fairly good. They have a free AI content detector that allows 15,000 characters for input. Paid plans allow for batch loading, and larger input plans starting at $7.49 per month.

9. GPTZero

GPTZero is heavily catered to the educators. they're partnered with the American Federation of Teachers. Their writing report is a way for you to validate your human written content.

Their certified human badges and reports might be of interest if you're a freelance writer or agency that delivers content to clients.

GPTZero offers LLM protection which protects your writing from being used in training models. This is mainly for students, writers and journalists.

GPTZero test results-

We ran the first part of this article through the GPTZero AI content detector and it came back as 48% possibility of being AI written. Of course this is false.

GPTZero vs this article

GPTZero identified the ChatGPT 4 standard response as AI written.

GPTZero vs ChatGPT 4 standard prompt

On the got to humanized prompt, GPTZero correctly identified it as 86% probability as written by AI.

GPTZero vs ChatGPT 4 humanized prompt

GPTZero pricing-

GPTZero's pricing is great. They offer a free package for 10,000 words per month, 150,000 words for $10, and a $16 subscription gets you 300,000 words per month with plagiarism checks.

All packages come with batch file scanning and another Chrome extension.

10. Writer

Writer is billed as a full-stack generative AI platform. The platform offers creative capabilities that are trained on your data.

There are pre-built templates, and you also have the ability to build custom templates for your business needs.

Their AI detector is free with no login required, but it's limited to 1,500 characters or 300 words.

Writer's test results-

We were shocked to see Writer miss ChatGPT 3.5, but that's exactly what happened. It identified ChatGPT 3.5 as 98% human-generated content.

Writer AI vs ChatGPT 3.5

When we tested Writer, it failed to detect ChatGPT 4 standard output as AI.

Writer vs. ChatGPT 4 standard output

Writer failed to identify ChatGPT 4 humanized output as well.

Writer vs. ChatGPT 4 humanized output

Writer AI pricing-

Writer AI offers the free content detector that allows up to 1,500 characters at a time. Their entry level plan is $18 per month to implement AI into your business processes.

Final thoughts on AI content detectors-

Should you use AI content detection software to see how your content stacks up? It really depends.

Here are the two main reasons to use AI content detectors:

  • If you are concerned with being penalized by Google in the future, then yes.
  • If you outsource content to various writers, then yeah, you probably should.

I personally use Originality with their $14 subscription to spot check our content on various project websites. It's also very interesting to see how much content published by your top rivals is AI written.

While these AI detectors aren't perfect looking at the test results, neither are the AI writers that we're checking for.

We'll do a thorough review of each AI content detector in the future by testing all the features. Some of these need further testing and we'll update this list as the AI landscape changes.

We hope this post has given you enough knowledge on AI content detectors to make an informed decision on whether to purchase or pass.

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