February 8, 2024

Agility Writer Review 2024- One of The Best I've Used!


If you're a small publisher or blogger like me, you have to see how well Agility Writer AI performs. In this Agility Writer review, I'll show you how it stacks up against the best AI content writers available.

It's super badass writing SEO optimized articles, but like all AI writing tools, Agility has its own unique issues. This comprehensive review will give you all you need to know before your buy.

Keep reading this Agility Writer review to see if it's the right AI content generator for your content creation process!

Key Takeaways

  • Agility Writer works well for optimized blog posts that will climb the search engine rankings.
  • Agility has some of the more advanced features to get your articles on point.
  • Agility Writer generates articles that can bypass AI detection software, like Originality AI.
  • The high quality content can be written with advanced AI technology trained on your writing style.
  • Although not the cheapest AI content writer, Agility Writer offers affordable plans for every budget.

What is Agility Writer?

Agility Writer is a powerful AI content writer that creates content with SEO optimization in mind. You simply enter the keyword and follow the prompts.

Agility Writer speeds up the content creation process allowing you to save valuable time for other areas in your business.

Agility Writer can convert YouTube videos into articles, write product reviews, product roundups, web pages and just about any article involving the writing process.

Best For Full Control
#1 AI Article Writer - Write Long Form Content
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Agility Writer is an AI-driven platform designed to create high-quality, long-form content with a focus on SEO optimization, leveraging real-time data to ensure content relevance and accuracy.

  • Generates unique, high-quality content
  • Utilizes real-time data and search results
  • Produces SEO-optimized content
  • Premium AI to bypass AI detection
  • Writes in your brands voice & style
  • A little pricier than comparable writers
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Agility Writer's Benefits-

Agility Writer AI is full of incredible features that will change the way you look at content creation. The benefits of using an AI tool of this caliber are plenty. In this section, I'll walk you through the benefits this software provides.

AI Writing Tool

Most AI writing tools come with a ton of templates or processes. Agility is different than most other AI writing tools. It focuses primarily on blog posts and web content.

Most AI writing tools come with a ton of templates or processes. Agility is different than most other AI writing tools. It focuses primarily on blog posts and web content.

The templates available as of now are:

  • Informational blog posts
  • Single product review posts
  • Product roundup posts
  • Single web page content for businesses
  • YouTube video to article
  • Article re-writer from a URL

The AI Writing Tool Modes:

  • One Click Article Writer
  • Advanced Mode (this is what I use)
  • Optimize Mode

Outline Builder

Agility Writer's Outline Builder

Using Agility Writer's outline builder is a super fast way to save time researching the perfect outline. I used to use the SEO Meta in 1 Click Chrome extension to copy the headers of various competitors.

I would then push the headers to Chat GPT or Claude to combine them into a comprehensive outline. Not anymore. Agility Writer does all of that with just a couple of clicks.

SEO Optimized Content

SEO optimization is important if you want to be seen online. This isn't anything new or earth shattering! What is, is how we can manage SEO with AI.

Whether you're interested in long form articles or short blog posts, Agility's powerful AI content writer is SEO optimization money. The advanced mode or optimize mode will save you money in the long run.

Most bloggers will use SEO platforms to perform on page optimization. Think Surfer SEO, Neuron Writer or POP. Those cost money. It's money I don't have to spend.

With Agility Writer, you won't have to spend money on other products because you'll know it's already well optimized for the search engines.

Here is a screen shot of our "hummingbird example" written by Agility Writer when posted into Surfer SEO.

Agility Writer In Surfer SEO

Speaking of Surfer SEO, if you use an SEO tool to find relevant keywords, you can also copy and paste those into Agility Writer. Agility will try to use these keywords in your article.

One Click Articles or Bulk Content Generation?

You can either create content with simple one click or create multiple articles in bulk mode. It's an option that you can decide works best for you.

I personally only use the Advance Mode for my articles. I find that you get high quality content SEO articles with better article outlines and factual data. Maybe I'm just picky but prefer quality over quantity.

Single Product Reviews

I personally write all of my product review posts. I feel that product reviews written by AI are not authentic enough for my liking. Transparency and authenticity are very important to me.

I've never actually used the single product review mode, but I can see how it would be appealing to affiliate sites.

Agility Writer scrapes the top of the SERPS and user reviews and experiences to craft the review. The SEO optimized articles uses their product review article outline to keep consistency.

Product Roundup Posts

Product roundup posts seem to perform well with Google. Google loves lists, people love lists and you will too, once you start writing them. They tend to convert well.

Agility Writer makes this process easy with their product roundup post template. You don't even have to enter the products. The advanced AI technology will search the web and grab the data.

People tend to make up their own list without regard for Google. If you do, and your topical authority is low, you won't rank. Google will see your post as an outlier.

Don't worry, I'm guilty of this as well. Agility will create an article that will rank so, relax a little and let it do the heavy lifting.

Advanced AI Detection Feature

Agility Writer's AI detection feature is money! It ensures the content generated is able to pass as human on AI detection applications like Originality.

We've seen Google's stance on AI generated content change. First it was no and currently it's okay to use AI. Who is to say that they won't change their mind again.

As with any venture online, you can start adding up additional costs for the tools you need. Agility Writer's AI detection feature has saved me from having to pay for a subscription to Undetectable AI.

If you are worried about AI detection and want to pay for one platform, Agility Writer AI is the one!

Below is a screen shot of our "hummingbirds" example when tested against Originality AI. Originality scored it 97% human written.

Agility Writer vs Originality AI

YouTube Video To Article Writer

YouTube is a super large search engine. If people are searching YouTube for information on a topic, you can bet a blog post would do well on the topic, too!

With this feature, you could find a comprehensive video on a how-to-whatever and push it to Agility Writer. Agility Writer would craft a well optimized article for you. It's a super cool idea.

I personally haven't tried out this feature, but I can imagine a use for this. I'll test it out in a future post.

Website Page Writer For Small Businesses

Not only can Agility Writer create awesome blog posts, but can create web pages about your small business. You just enter in the prompted information on your business and submit.

Agility Writer will crank out a web page that is optimized for your business. This could be really helpful for small businesses that provide services and products.

High Quality Articles Written In Your Brand's Style

Another area where Agility Writer stands out is its ability to learn how you write. Be honest, if you've tried some other AI writers, you know damn well they don't sound like you.

Agility Writer learns from your writing style. Picture a writer that sounds like your voice in your style. Wicked smart if you ask me.

All you do is paste in your articles and it will write how you do. Own an agency or freelance? No big deal! Agility can keep several different styles. Imagine one style for one client and another for a different client.

Keyword Entity Tool For Topical Authority

Agility Writer's Keyword Entity Tool For Topical Authority

Another excellent benefit of Agility Writer is the Free Keyword Entity and Article Ideas tool. Topical authority has been mainstream in SEO for a while. But, like all things worth having, building a topical map takes time.

This tool isn't the magic wand, but its an excellent start to get your thoughts going on a content strategy.

For the above example, I submitted the keyword "hummingbirds" and Agility Writer populated 20 entities related to hummingbirds.

Next, I clicked the "Create Article Titles" button and Agility populated 400 article titles.

If you've ever had writers block or struggled to develop a solid direction for your content, this could be your cure!

Agility's Title & Meta Description Generator

Agility's Title & Meta Description Generator

Too often I struggle with trying to dial my post title into perfection. If you've been writing for more than a day, you know what I mean.

You want them to be catchy, unique and fit within the parameters of the search engines results pages. We're all looking for the highest click through rate we can get.

Agility's title and meta description tool comes up with some descent ideas. If not perfect, the ideas the AI generates will give you a great starting point.

Agility Writer Pricing-

Agility Writer's Pricing Plan

So, with all the benefits that we've talked about, you may be wondering is Agility Writer worth the extra cost. In my opinion, it's absolutely worth the money.

When I say it's more expensive, we are splitting hairs. Plans start a $25 per month and provide you with 40 credits. I only use the advanced mode and the articles cost around $1.80.

Compared with other AI writing tools like Surfer at $19 per AI article and SEO Writing AI costs between $.05 to $.38 per article.

Who Would Benefit Best From Using Agility Writer?

Bloggers, solopreneurs and small business owners that are trying to create an online presence will appreciate this software.

Hiring full-time writers or managing freelance writer's is costly and time consuming. According to Upwork, blog writers typically charge $15 - $35 dollars per hour. If you're like me on a budget with a small staff (me and my wife), this is for you.

The quality is great and articles cost between $.63 and $5 depending on the features you use. My average cost per article is $1.80 for optimized and real time data.

It's great too because it writes like I do after training it.

How does Agility Hold Up to Other AI Writing Tools?

Agility Writer creates engaging articles just like all the other popular AI writing tools. However, the controllability and advanced AI detection feature is where Agility Writer stands out among it's competitors.

Agility Writer has a user friendly interface, creates high quality content with excellent article structure. The factual data and ability to create internal links sets Agility Writer apart from their competitors. The features of Agility Writer are incredible.

Agility Writer vs. The Competition Comparison-

In this section, we'll compare Agility writer to two comparable AI content writing tools. I've used all three of these. I actually has subscriptions to Agility and SEO Writing AI.

I tried Autoblogging AI for a month and well, for the money and quality, you just can't beat Agility and SEO Writing.

Best For Full Control
$25 per month
$19 per month
Up to 40
Best For Full Control
$19 per month

Agility Writer-

Agility Writer has plans that start out with up to 40 articles depending on features used for $25. The average cost per article is $1.80. Agility costs more than the others on this list of comparable AI tools.

That cost is clearly worth it when you consider the full control, AI detection bypass ability and inner-linking abilities. The SEO optimization is really good.

SEO Writing AI-

SEO Writing AI has plans starting at 50 articles per month for $19. The cost per article is $.38. SEO Writing AI is the cheapest per article in this comparison, however, in my honest opinion is just as good SEO wise. It is really comparable to Agility.

Agility wins over SEO Writing AI due to it's ability to bypass AI detection and the ability to learn your brand's voice and tone.

Autoblogging AI-

Autoblogging AI has plans that start at 60 articles per month for $49. Autoblogging articles cost $.81. The quality of Autoblogging AI in my opinion isn't as good as SEO Writing or Agility.

Agility smokes Autoblogging AI in my opinion. I like the user interface and SEO adjustment screen to further optimize even more with agility.

How Is The Quality Of The Content Generated By Agility Writer?

When pushing our example article to Hemingway App, which scores your article on readability and difficulty of sentences, our score was 7th grade. This is perfect for most online articles.

Agility Writer readability score of 7th grade

When our test article is pushed to Grammarly, it scored a 84 out of 100. It also showed 200 suggestions to correct. I've found that the more you correct the suggestions, the more AI it scores on Originality.

Keep that in mind if you use Grammarly to edit your articles.

Agility AI Grammarly Score of 86

How to write long form articles with Agility Writer-

In this next section, I'll show you just how simple it is to use Agility Writer to create high quality articles.

Enter your keyword-

After performing your keyword research, all you have to do is post the keyword or title in to start the AI writing process. You can see the keyword from our test article we've been using in this Agility Writer review.

Enter Keyword in to Agility Writer

Once you've entered the keyword, click on "Get an Article Title" button. Give it a few seconds and it will produce a title.

Next, select the core settings. You'll need to play around to find what works for you. I select English for the language, Auto for headings, Advanced (standard) for article structure.

I tend to use the Full GPT-4 Turbo version, In-depth Factual Data, Casual for tone of voice and First Person Singular for point of view.

For the writing style, I go with Anti-AI Detection - Informal unless I'm using a trained AI model in my brand's voice.

You can select the Intro and Conclusion style. I always choose concise. If not, it will ramble on. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Generate and select the outline-

Once you have your setting figured out, click the "Create Outline" button.

Select Generate Outline and Choose the one you like.

Give it a few seconds to produce an outline. It will provide you with 3 different outlines. As you select the different outlines, word counts will change along with the headings.

Choose the outline and word count that works best for you.

Finalize settings and submit-

Once you got the outline figured out, its time for the final settings.

Select the settings you want and submit to AI Writer.

You can then select the advanced settings for your article. Your options are:

  • Key Takeaways
  • Add Styling (Bold keywords)
  • Entity Enrichment (adds entities) I haven't had much luck with it.
  • FAQs, Title & Description (meta)
  • Improve Readability (I always use it)
  • Change H3 to Bold
  • Image Prompts
  • Authority Links (links out to a few other resources) Be careful not to link to competitors.
  • Disable transitions between sections.
  • YouTube Videos (Will give you embed links for videos)
  • Internal links (You can provide internal URLs to link to)

Once your happy with the settings, select the type of images you want. I always use the 3 free ones and add more later.

Now it is time to click the "Add To Writing Que" button.

Edit your article-

You can download the attached pdf. It is the example article on hummingbirds that we've used throughout this Agility Writer review.

When Agility is finished writing your article, you can either download it or copy and paste into your CMS. Agility offers the ability to download the article as a Word doc, html file or TXT file.

The cool thing about Agility is not only does the articles look amazing, but they also provide the resources. Agility provides several catchy titles and meta descriptions at the end of the article.

You'll also find the resources used and facts about your article in case you want to link out to more websites or (que ominous music) pull up their sitemap to scrape their topical authority mapping.

I normally copy and paste the article into WordPress. From there, I read it and cut out the stuff I don't like. Polish the article up and add images to at least every H2 heading.

Once your satisfied, its on to publishing.

Publish your article-

Agility has the option to auto post to WordPress using API. I don't use this feature. I just click on the link and copy and paste in to WordPress.

The option is there and it is easily done if you want to go that route.

Final Thoughts on This Agility Writer Review

I truly hope you got a great understanding with our Agility Writer Review.

Agility Writer stands out as one of the best affordable AI content writers. Any blogger needing to scale their content creation process would be a fool not to look at this writer.

Agility Writer offers high quality articles with just a few clicks that are SEO optimized for the search engine results pages. To add insult to injury (for the other AI writers), Agility Writer can write in your style while bypassing AI detection.

Produce high quality content at scale with Agility Writer with their $1 trial. You really can't go wrong with this AI tool. If you're like me, you'll hit the upgrade button!

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